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HOT IMAGES: motorcyclists suffer accidents to get home without paying

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Dos motorcyclists they played a strong role accidentwhere they tried to pass by house without paying. Apparently, the accident occurred in the house of Tlalpan, on the Mexico – Cuernavaca highway. The reason was documented by surveillance cameras and subsequently spread among social circles, where dozens of Internet users reacted to the publicity and followed it with humor.

In the viral images, you can see that some motorcyclists were trying cross at full speed for the carriage of the house, gnawing the plume, this with the intention of not paying the price. However, they didn’t even notice that a few centimeters ahead if they encountered an open jaw, which was in repair, so they ended up falling off their shiny vehicles.

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Motorcycles will suffer damage to materials. Photo:@perezhabib

What if you know about the case?

The recording shows the exact moment in which one motorcyclist Cruzó la house without payment the heart of it, but when passing by the vehicle it fell on its tail and the conductor went up flying for several metres. Between him, another motorcyclist passed the buck without paying, but he ran with the same speed and ended up riding behind him. The motorcycles that were damaged with heavy material, stretched over the asphalt.

According to the first reports, the two accidented motorbikes were killed by the Morelos state and were partially destroyed by the strong impact that they suffered, so that the bikers circulated in excess speed. For one thing, the state of health of the motorcyclists is unknown, but in the video it is observed that both crashed against the safety wall, which probably resulted in injuries.

The health status of bikers is overlooked.
Photo: ??????@perezhabib

Internet users have made the accident go viral

Those who gained prominence in social circles, where dozens of users began to spread the graphic material and discussed it with humor, commenting that bikers handle heavy motorcycles and also tried to find “one peso” in the house.

“Dear motorbikes and don’t keep them in a house, yeah”; “It fascinates me that people go to them as they need them”; “The important thing is that they lograron cross without payingthey will only tend to pay for the damages of their motorbikes”; “To avoid the house on which the most expensive ones went”; and “todo to pay 100 pesos”, were some of the comments who received the clip in redes.

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