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HOT IMAGES: Asesinan to shoot a man when he comes to his family

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The violence seems to never end Ecuadora Latin American country sheltered by crimes, the violence among the newspapers of the drug and the rampant impunity that their own inhabitants denounce. As it seems as if it was seen in a security camera that it captured the moment in which a man was asesinado a few moments in which he came together with his family, among the two older adults.

En la grabacion It can be seen at the moment when a short-haired man and black player enters the establishment and in less than 10 seconds unloads the gun into a man who remains seated next to a woman. They took place just on the night of Christmas in the community known as Ventanas, province of Los Rios, in Ecuador.

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The attack took place late Monday, December 25th. PHOTO: Special

The tranquility of the community of Ventanas, en Ecuadorif I was rudely interrupted on the night of Monday 25th December then a man was brutally assed when he met inside a room heladeria Accompanied by children supposedly from their relatives, among the older adults.

The scene was recorded there cámara of safety of the establishment, where I caught the image of a man who entered the place and quickly approached there victim. A little more than a meter away, the moment appears when you know that between you, take a weapon and without speaking a word I began to disparage against the subject who had been sent to the other four meals.

How did he hide the murder in Ventanas, Ecuador?

Aggresion took place in the community of Ventanas, Ecuador. PHOTO: Special

Once they started listening to them disparos, the chaos invaded the companions of the victim, as well as other witnesses, who took refuge in the ground. Once I perpetrated it crimenIf you go to the farm, go up to the place and get into the water.

I read with the camera log the crime occurred at 7.40pm this Monday 25th December and following reports from the local press, the victim can be received at least 8 odd hours. The clip was shared in the social circles, from where it went viral due to the brutality of ataque.

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