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Hombre die mientras esperaba consult medical progress Yucatán

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Last morning was November 16th if God knew the sudden death of a man inside a consultancy in the port of Progress in Yucatán, knowing with the first reports the male failure when he met hoping to be attended to, which originated the movement of the services of emergency until this point of location.

To receive the report on the death of the man, policies municipalities and elements of the State Police of Investigation (PEI) of the state of Yucatán if they moved to the clinic to help the person, without embargo, they couldn’t do anything due to the fact that on arrival they didn’t present any vital signs.

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Where did you hope to consult the flawed man in Progress, Yucatán?

They took place in the port of Progreso, Yucatán. PHOTO: Especial / Archive

According to the reports I got to know through the local media, the man, originally from the comisaría de Flamboyanesif you meet hoping to be waited on in the waiting room of the Health Department of the Ayuntamiento of Progresswhen he started to feel sick and died in the place.

For this reason, the municipal police and staff of the State Investigation Police moved to the site where they met since the age of 75 years old. De acuerdo con los testimonios presenciales, la victim I was accompanied by him family with the goal of being attended to.

When was the death of a man aged 75 years old?

Following the first reports the man suffered a heart attack. PHOTO: Especial / Archive

As he entered the dining room, he waited for his turn to receive it attentionthe man suddenly started to cut and this had resulted in a ataque which resulted in cardiac failure, following the first reports. This was the occasion of death.

Once they received the authorities security at this site, the area where the body of the man was met was ensured with the aim of starting with the investigation correspondent.

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