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Holding a famous tiktoker, he hid a life of murders, robberies and exploits beyond his popularity

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The famous one tiktoker Wanda del Valle Bermúdez Viera, best known in social circles as “Bebecita del crimen”, was held last night, December 6th Colombia, place of business in Peru. The young girl of 26 years old assumed her life in social circles. buscada for the authorities to carry out illicit activities and lead a criminal group in southern Latin America.

According to the authorities, Wanda was arrested in Colombia and held a red card from Interpol, so the young girl was seen in social circles together with her partner, Christopher Joseph Fuentes González, both accused of leading a criminal group in Peru. Apparently, the youngsters were leaders of the gang “los llaneros de sangre fría”, an organization dedicated to robbery, murder and sexual exploitation.

The young girl was detained in Colombia. Photo: special.

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Why was the tiktoker looking for?

The authorities started with the search engine tiktoker last June month. However, in an operation to take care of him, the National Police of Peru attacked Christopher Joseph Fuentes González, while Wanda del Valle was a refugee from justice. The youth was included in the list of “The most sought after” of the Rewards Program, where up to 150 million soles (692 million 179 Mexican pesos) are offered to anyone or anyone who will receive information that will help in their capture.

Wanda is currently detained and will be arrested for crimes of conspiracy and offering to the hitman. Having received preliminary information, offered by General Oscar Arriola Delgado – head of the National Criminal Investigation Department (DIRNIC) -, the young person could face a sentence within five and one years in prison.

Su novio was killed during an operation. Photo: special.

What does the TikToker do in the criminal organization?

The first investigations suggest that container creator she was the logistics director of “Los llaneros de sangre fría”, so she was responsible for assigning the plazas where migrant women, mainly Venezuelans and Colombians, were forced to prostitute themselves in the streets of Lima, Peru.

In his capture, the Peruvian police recorded that they had the most members of the organization detained, including those who included: Hernan David Landaeta Garlotti, alias “Satanas”; Edison Agustín Barrera, alias “Catire”; Hector Alfonso Prieto Materano, alias “Mamut”; Miguel Antonio Bernal Mota, alias “Mellizo”; y Freddy Daniel Toro Acosta.

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