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Híjole! to the conquest of Africa

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With only three years of existence, tequila Hijole! The conglomerate

It is a historical incursion which, in a first stage, contemplates the presence in liquor stores, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants of countries such as Cameroon, Western African Guinea, Conakry, Costa de Marfil, Gabon, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Senegal.

“La presencia de Híjole! On the continent of Africa, it represents the crystallization of the most popular destinations for just three years, when we wanted to place our premium tequila offer on palates everywhere on the planet,” commented Carlos Lazo, CEO of Xoy.

In three years, this brand has obtained a total of 21 medals for its high standards of quality in major international drinking competitions. Indeed, the wines, expert caterers and sommeliers of the spirits segment, recognize Híjole! as a product that stands out among others.

Híjole! It is 100 percent pure agave which, due to its attributes, is marketed as a premium product which is produced in Tequila, Jalisco and which has a presence in Mexico and countries such as United States, Canada, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium , Panama and Argentina.

Being a brand that belongs to the Xoy conglomerate, Híjole! It is also the official tequila of the Denver Broncos, in the NFL; of the New York Mets, in the MLB; of the San Antonio Spurs, the NBA and the New Jersey Devils of the NHL. Furthermore, in Spain he is the official patron of Real Betis Balompié and Real Betis Baloncesto; de los Libertadores y Libertadoras de Querétaro, en la LNBP; of Chihuahuas FC in the Premier League of soccer; of the football team of the Generals of Durango in the LMB, and of the Reds of the City of Mexico in the LFA.

It will be the Cameroon Ingeniera Agricultura y Servicios (IASA) organization, which is responsible for distributing the first contents in certain markets.


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