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Hijo de José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, El Marro, among those detained by blockades in Guanajuato

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The government of Guanajuato confirmed the identity of the 3 young people detained in the country San Antonio de los Morales. It is David and/or Luis Antonio, 22 years old and older Giovanni y Cristianboth 18 years of age.

Allegedly Luis Antonioes hijo del exlíder del lamado Cartel of Santa Rosa de Lima, José Antonio Yépez Ortizthis one is taken from 2020.

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There is an intense political movement for blockades in Celaya, Guanajuato

Santa Fe Klan and Uzielito Mix are converted into Reyes Magos and give games to the children of Edomex and Guanajuato

This Monday, the State Security Secretariat issued more details of the capture of the 3 young people, alleged members of the criminal group, registered in the community San Antonio de los Morales of the municipality of Juventino Rosas.

“The three alleged members of the criminal group who carried out an armed attack against the summer officials who carried out the activities of the patrullaje y surveillance”, quotes the press release.

The report reiterates that the detention resulted in acts of violence in various parts of the region Laja-Bajio.

Incautan varies weapons to the detainees

During the persecution with state agents, together with the 3 young people they were assured 01 fire weapon caliber 9 mm, 01 magazine for fire weapon (without specifying caliber), 01 metal magazine for fire weapon caliber 3.57, 02 magazines for fire weapon .38 caliber, 150 .223 caliber cartridges, 25 .38 caliber cartridges, 05 .357 caliber cartridges, 124 doses of crystal and 150 doses of marijuana.

The photos were recorded off the Celaya-Jueventino Rosas road in the state of Guanajuato Credits: Cuartoscuro

Luis Antonio, Giovanni and Cristian travel in a gray SUV truck, Dodge brand, Durango line, 2021 model, without reporting the robo until the moment, which was also assured.


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