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¡Heroe! Perrito defends a man in an attempt to attack, as he was against the alleged offender | VIDEO

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El perro He is the best friend of humans and we don’t even doubt it, on several occasions we have demonstrated that in this particular case we give it all to us even if we don’t know it and a new viral video confirms it, even if we don’t know alleged delinquent attempting to attack a man, a heroic myth rose to defend him from thieves and bites.

They took place in one gasolinera in Colombia when in the middle of the night a man tried to take over the belongings of others, he imagined that he would surrender thanks to a single hero and of four patas that God all when he detected the evil intentions of the master thief. As expected, the Internet users celebrated the noble and selfless action of the canine who met there.

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This is how he lived the heroic moment. (Photo: X @NoticiasRPTV)

VIDEO: to help the gasoline driver in an assault

El video This unusual moment was spread through social circles and local media, although the news quickly rose to international level. Then you will know what happened in one gasolinera located in the Duitama-Tibasosa Street last December 20th to 9.00 pm and everything that was registered thanks to the security cameras of the establishment.

You can see that the victim was a worker of the gasolinera who was encountered in the entrance of a local shop, when a ready black dress was thrown over her to try to carry it. The situation took a turn for the worse forcejeo between the employee and the boss thiefbut something that calls the attention of the whole world is that a perro who then quickly discovered the evil intentions of the second man and didn’t hesitate to follow him.

He can oblige the man to huir. (Photo: X @NoticiasRPTV)

So, when the dogs started to shed, the dog quickly intervened and started to bite the attacker, who finished on the floor between his skin with the staff and the dog. Similarity, when collecting it is noted that walking through the area where the cars recharge fuel, the above thief quedó on the floor and before the insistence of the lomito decided the huir of the place.

Finally, las security cameras they caught the victim and the victim leaving the gasoline, although once the attacker left the area, they both returned to the place to return to their jobs, the employee to attend to the customers and the dog to guard the place.

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