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Hero without his head: the old man goes home to safety to free the kidnapped person

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Well they say that throughout Mexico, there is a sin of heroes without their capa and one of them is present there Leon, Guanajuato. If it’s a neighbor of her San Marcos colonywho rescued a young man who had been the victim of a kidnapping for more than 10 days in one of the houses located in the private street of Las Musas.

And it is that the young man was deprived of his freedom inside a domicile in the Punta Dorada francianamiento. However, his shouts caused the alarm of the man who lived in one of the old houses and he finally decided to toast the bard of the house, to desamarrar to the victim and escape the dos.

As soon as he was released, the young man ran until he met some authority. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

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How was it that the neighbor freed himself on the second road?

It turns out that when escuchar the cries of the victim, the neighbor of the San Marcos colony he jumped, as he could, the bard of the security house, met the young man and desamarred him so that both of them escaped from the site immediately and so gave way to him investigations of the authority.

As he went up, the young victim was running until in the Lomas de los Olivos colony he met a patrol girl from the Policía Vial, to those who liked everything I lived. It was then when the authorities first gathered the municipal elements that they finally arrived at the place where they were located.

Where were the alleged kidnappers?

The alleged perpetrators were detained and bound to trial. Credits: X/@FGEGUANAJUATO.

Until the moment you know that in the place where the men were detained and now brought to trial a man of the name Mario No“50 years old and originally from Apasero el Grande así como Juan Manuel No“, a young man of 27 years old. Please mention that the first of them assured him of a gun, various doses of drugs and money in effect.

I read with data from Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), from October 2023, the state of Guanajuato Official report, a total of six cases relating to crimes against personal freedom, four of them were classified as secuestros.

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