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Hernán Bermúdez Requena resigns as secretary of Tabasco Security

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Hernán Bermúdez Requena I announced myself as the Secretary of Security of Tabasco, among the number of simultaneous assaults that occurred late in the day Villahermosa, confirmed the voice of the state government, Juan C. Castillejos. Shopkeepers from different municipalities of Villahermosa reported through social circles that armed men attacked their shops, sharing videos of which.

The head of the Secretaría de Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana del Estado de Tabasco separated himself from the cargo place of the wave of simultaneous assaults that occurred ayer in Villahermosa. The State Police Commissioner, José del Carmen Castillo Ramírez, will be the one to occupy the place in the SSPC Tabasco through the Bermúdez Requena salida.

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José del Carmen Castillo Ramírez

Ayer, the governor of Tabasco, Carlos Manuel Merino Campos, informed in a press release that among those violent crimes, a security operation was activated in the city and the detention of 8 alleged criminals linked to robberies was recorded. For now, the mandate also gave a message to the one who did not say anything about the renunciation of Hernán Bermúdez, but confirmed that there were two thousand 500 federal elements that were attached to the entity.

Federal forces arrive this morning in Tabasco. Photo: Armando de la Rosa / el Heraldo de México

Please note that Hernán Bermúdez requested this in a controversy since last December 22nd, a I’m walking outside my house in Villahermosa, but the official denied that it was an attack on his country. The question of the vehicles occurred following a recorded warning within the rural area in Villahermosa and on the other day, the SSPC Tabasco reported that the incident was “an accident between the individuals who went out of control and who has nothing to check with the Secretary de Seguridad Pública”.

Federal forces arrive in Tabasco among assaults in Villahermosa

Following the violent incidents recorded yesterday in Tabasco, this morning an aircraft from the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional (Sedena) arrived at the Villahermosa airport with two thousand 500 elements from the Mexican Army to reinforce security in the tabasco capital.

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On the other hand, the Social Communications personnel of the 30th military zone in Villahermosa, informed that in the course of this life there will be different elements of the Army. Furthermore, the National Guard deployed various trucks to transport the soldiers from the airport to the city of Villahermosa.

Hernán Bermúdez Requena

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