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Here is the famous YouTuber Markitos Toys, first of the narco Kevin “N” tied with “Los Chapitos”

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Kevin Daniel “N” was captured by the authorities to be reported as the operator financier de “Los Ninis”, excision of “Los Chapitos” who act as an armed force against “Los Rusos” who protect Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada in the internal conflict of the Sinaloa Cartel to maintain control of the group from the detention of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

One day after detention Nestor IsidroNo“, aka “El Nini” (jefe of hitmen from “Los Chapitos”), transcended the arrest of Kevin “N” in the Montecarlo fraccionamiento in Culiacán, in the state of Sinaloa, recently related to the YouTuber Markitos Toys.

In the EU they bind Markitos Toys with the Sinaloa cartel. Photo: IG

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Are you interested in Markitos Toys?

The capture of Kevin “N” was notified via the website of the Registro Nacional de Detenciones where it appears in full name and especially in relation to the YouTuber Markitos Toys, who in the following medium years, the YouTuber is identified as Marcos EduardoMarkitos”, which coincides with the description of the influencer.

Asymism, Markitos Toys is mentioned in the theme “CH y Pizza” de Royal Forcewhence hablan of the restaurante Ranch Rollowned by the YouTuber, who reports the song, presumably acuden various members of the Sinalonese cartel to come out frequently.

“Sushi Ranch Roll I take to the plebs and a fresón cave, he who can, can, JGL haciendo verdes”

Markitos Toys shares his style of life in his YouTube videos in his native Sinaloa, no matter what, just a month ago was the last time he shared containing more than 3.79 million subscribers registered on his channel.

While on his Instagram account, Markitos Toys is more constant to be contained, 6 days ago there was a promotion of his podcasts where he indicated that he would offer an interview to talk about how he gets his money and where he likes it, which he confirmed he lives off the YouTube money and selling gorras.


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