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Here is “El Payaso”, a criminal leader allegedly implicated in the Texcaltitlán crime scene

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The social hartazgo por el famous “Derecho de flat” llegó a su limit with residents of the municipality of Texcaltitlanmunicipality located in the north of the State of Mexico, people sought justice by their own hand and desataron a trifulca where there were 14 people who lost their lives.

Once one of them is located “El Payaso”leader of an armed group belonging to the Family MichoacanaBefore this event, it is feared that there is some presence of part of this criminal organization against the peasants, so a dispatch from the Civil Guard mentioned it.

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Enfrentamiento in Texcaltitlán: the death toll rises to 14

Where is Texcaltitlán, municipality where people confronted a criminal group?

There are people missing in the emergency situation. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Who is “El Payaso”, a criminal leader allegedly linked to enforcement in Texas?

The local media in that entity report that “El Payaso” es un jefe de la plaza de la Family MichoacanaEven if you don’t know the name of this person, you know that he has been involved with some violent crimes from the southern area of ​​the Mexican entity.

In the videos circulating in the social circles it is noted that the leader of the criminal group allegedly wore a fake uniform at the time of the arrest, when the people confronted him with it machetes y cuchillos They gave her a coup, and she supposedly lost her life.

Wait for the moment, la General Tax of Justice of Edomex (FGJEM) still did not know the identity of Asian people in Texas. “El Payaso” was identified by the competent authorities in June of this year for a report on the death of two women in the Guadalupe Victoria colony in the municipality of Puente de Tixtla.

The FGJEM has not yet been able to know the identity of the Asian people in Texas. Photo: Cuartoscuro

How was the brawl in Texas? So they have happened to the same ones

These items occurred today, December 8th, when jornaleros, traders y productores of the region they were cited by alleged members of the region Family Michoacana on a football field, for the bottom floor pay.

Before the intransigence of the offenders, some of the producers desenfundaron machetes y weapons of fire, with whom they surprised the alleged extortionists, enjoying the life of at least 11 of them. Lamentably, in the brawl, three citizens also died.

Pelea between Texcaltitlan citizens and a criminal organization. Photo: Cuartoscuro

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