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Here are the arrests that keep the fire low in Texcaltitlán

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The things that happened ayer late in the day Texcaltitlan I am part of the violence that has been recurrent in this municipality State of Mexicowhich takes a few years trying to eradicate that organized crime he cobrandos the life of his peasants.

These armed conflicts, mainly against the criminal group of the Family Michoacanaif they have arisen on different occasions, a situation that unfortunately has overshadowed the lives of many of my friends forces of the orderlike local citizens.

The municipality of Texcaltitlán stands out for its views. Credit: Captura de pantalla / Google Maps

The governor of the Mexican state, Delfina GómezI called the federal authorities to help them strengthen security, and the old people can live peacefully once in a while, and at the press conference he complained that he had lost blood on December 8th.

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Delfina Gómez announces the strengthening of security in Texas and laments the death of citizens

Where is Texcaltitlán, municipality where people confronted a criminal group?

First assistance between residents and the Michoacan family

In June 2022, a situation similar to what happened in the late 2020s occurred, when armed civilians faced off against members of the Secretariat of the Navy and the National Guard, which resulted in the death of 11 fallacious peoplewhere the security was logged 20 R-15 type riflesshort weapons, useful cartridges and five armored cars.

Security guards keep the Texcaltitlan area cordoned off. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Reports from the state government indicated that Mexican Tax Agents They created an operation to capture some of the main violence generators of the region when they were attacked by alleged members of the Michoacan Family in the media of the Venta Morales ejido, Texas.

Musicians were born in Texas

For 2009 Texcaltitlan if I use it again on the radar of the authorities, when three musicians fueron coups y asesinados a balazos. Although the authorities are not tied to a truth, tenants ensure that they are treated by members of the Family Michoacanaonce more.

Reports from corresponding authorities indicated that the group “Fiestera Band” they returned from a presentation in the municipality of Temascaltepec, heart of the state of Guerrero when a truck intercepted them. Four heavily armed men were armed against the road Las Juntas Chipeltepec.

This is how the braking was experienced. Credit: Cuartoscuro

The attack of the musicians was done for a long time robo, of knowledge with the authorities; but leave lesions and the way they met their bodies did not correspond with this modus operandi. The attackers immediately entered the area, so they could not give up with their guard.

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