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Henry Kissinger, former EU state secretary, dies in the early years

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Henry Kissinger, The man who announced the rumble of US diplomacy in the second half of the twentieth century has failed this miracle, as he announced it in the public relations office. He who was appointed as secretary of the lower state of the presidencies and received in the midst of the controversy Nobel Prize de la Paz, he died for 100 years in his Connecticut residence.

In his youth, Kissinger joined the Nazis in Germany and arrived at the United States to establish himself in their external policies, becoming one of the most influential figures of the 20th. Currently, he was placing all his efforts in the analysis of artificial intelligence.

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Kissinger’s main contributions were his support to Israel during the Arab-Israeli war, the so-called diplomatic missions in the entire Middle East, the establishment of relations with China and the application of a policy of détente with the Soviet Union.

The legacy of Kissinger, they accuse him of a coup d’état and end the peace

Henry Kissinger was number 56 to take on the role of state secretary, also dedicating himself to the academy, also impetus that the EU would create the world order after the Second World War. On the other hand, peace in the Middle East began.

Like Nixon, he feared the spread of American ideas in the Western Hemisphere and his actions in response would provoke deep suspicions in the American capital in recent years. In 1970, conspired with the CIA to derrocar the elected Marxist president democratically Salvador Allende.

After leaving the government of United States, Kissinger decided to involve himself in the world of consultants, so he created an expensive and powerful consultancy firm in New York, which offered advice to the world’s business elite. Him tuvo dos hijos con Ann Fleischer was first exhibited.

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