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Henrique Medeiros: Who is the influencer who disappeared in Nativity and was met in life?

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Carlos Henrique Medeirosan influencer originally from Brazil 26 years old, he was born in his lifetime Sao Paulo last Saturday 30th December 2023. The event will take place on days after which just Navidad had been reported as disappeared.

The first reports confirmed that the creator of the contents was encountered without vital signs entering the patio by an old man, who presumably was his friends. In this sense, the authorities have been held by two people who live in the home.

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How did they meet Carlos Medeiros, an influencer who disappeared in Nativity and who they met in life?

The authorities are investigating the case. Credits: Facebook/Henrique Medeiro.

Hasta el momento, la Policía Civil de Sao Paulo and average locals in Brazil have informed that Carlos Henrique Medeiros celebrated the New Year’s Eve party in the company of four other people. However, it is assumed that at parties, the influencer and others of his companions consumed drugs.

More adelante, cuando Carlos I went to the bathroom with a young girl, the creator of the contents suffered a sudden heart attack which left her waiting for vital signs immediately. However, the authorities of that country continue to carry out the corresponding investigations in order to clarify the facts, the cause of his failure and the concealment of his body.

Who is Carlos Medeiros, young man who disappeared in Nativity and who now met in life?

The influencer has more than a million followers on YouTube.
Credits: Facebook/Henrique Medeiro.

Carlos Henrique Medeiros he was a young man of 26 years of age originally from Brazil. In his path as a social group he began to form a large community of followers. As of 3 January 2024, the YouTube influencer’s list is followed by more than 1 million 700 million people.

Please mention that there is only a short time, on Instagram —a platform on which the young person had more than 88 million followers— Carlos Henrique I immediately saw a video making allusion to the failure of his father and the pain it caused him that he was not with him.

“Goodbye to our loved ones. Instead of waiting for us, I appreciate that we have passed, we will always be together”, wrote the YouTuber.

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