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He intended to kill his mother for 2 days: he was terrified of having a hija

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The light of the light of God, Rita Cervantes MartínezI decided that the best thing was to ask about hija ya from now on embarrassed the land the idea of ​​keeping one niña. The crime occurred in September 2020, but this week the judicial process will begin to find out whether you will be sentenced to be accused with intent to homicide.

Rita is accused of having killed her killer with a white weapon now after abandoning her on the side of a road called Martyrs in Missions, Argentina, when she only lasted two days until September 7, 2020. Without embargo, three years of the birth, the woman seeks to recover her baby.

The childhood recipient was found abandoned and injured in Missions, Argentina. Photo: Archive

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Between the attacks, the woman was arrested and from then on remained imprisoned in the hope of confronting the juicio that began the miracle. Rita Cervantes’ defense ensured that the woman was suffering from puerperal psychosis; However, during the first day of play, the woman refused to declare.

Rita will soon return to her hija. Photo: TN

Olga Scrimini, the psychiatrist assigned to Rita’s case, had an interview with her. At that meeting the professional realized that the woman did not demonstrate her conflict, so that they could help her so that she could express her discomfort, he said in the local newspaper, TN.

“We can understand why this state of denial of embarrassment is linked… I want you to see a very sad story of your childhood, in which you suffered abuse from your father”: psychiatrist.

In this sense, the specialist pointed out that Rita’s condition arises when women are terrified of having a hija due to suffering from abuse and other traumatic experiences. “There are severe conflicts in childbirth. Many people go into a coma, they die or the baby can die,” she said.

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