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Hay certain dumbre total en NL: Samuel García

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In the hours of uncertainty, Samuel García announced through a message in his social circles that Javier Navarro will finally assume the role of taking charge of the government of New Leon.

García obtained a definitive license from the role for which he was elected for a couple of years with the aim of participating as a pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic as part of the Citizens’ Movement.

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Juez revokes the appointment of Luis Enrique Orozco as interim governor

Samuel García could not return to high school in New León until the controversy over the interim governor was resolved

“You have certain doubts about what comes in the next few days. In one minute we wanted to publish in the official periodical of the state that, by virtue of the pre-campaign and the presidential campaign that I wanted to participate, I was approved and asked for Javier Navarro Velasco as the dispatcher.

“Our current government secretary will be at the head of the Executive Power”, announced the new constitutional governor of New León, who will be in effective form starting from the first minute of December 2nd.

Accuse “show” of legislators

On video, Samuel García hizo a summary of the game between the executive and the local congress for the name of who will function as entrustment of the despacho of the government of New Leon.

“When I decide to compete, the Congress illegally named, we will record, a la ‘manzana’, Arturo Salinas, the president of the Judicial Power of the State, as an interim. This was all illegal.

“We went to the Court, we went to the Electoral Tribunal and they declared it ineligible. Because of that, in accordance with the ruling of the Electoral Tribunal, which must be an interim governor who provides stability, governance and my platform, the Citizens’ Movement, I sent four curricula to the Congress,” he said.

Según el precandidididate to La President Por Movimiento Ciudano, los responsibles de la ina inabylidad en el gobierno neoLeonés are los manageri naciteras de acción nacional y el revolucionario institutions, marko cortés y alejandro moreno, quienes dieron “línea” a los legisladores para. OS emecistas.

“As always, ‘Alito’ and ‘Markito’ who think in the PRIAN, in the electoral, and not in New Leon, came to reinvent the heart, and in a way by the most illegal, this Congress, one day ago, another name ‘manzana’”, he explained.

García signaled that he is confident that the situation is resolved in the last instance by the Electoral Tribunal in favor of Javier Navarro, who will be encouraged to continue with the government programs initiated since the beginning of his administration.

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