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HARD IMAGES: man attacked a victim and quenched him with acid, piden justice

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A new case of animal abuse has caused outrage in the municipality of Nogales, Sonora, where a perished called Sbanch fue attacked y quemado for a man who walked along the streets of the Villa Sonora colony. They were documented thanks to the vet’s security chambers and were subsequently distributed in social networks, where they were shared by tens of internet users, who gave greater justice to the mascot.

After dealing with the two dogs of the dog – the Rottweiler breed – Sbanch was attacked by a conflictive neighbor, with those who had had problems before. On the first day, the mascot was found inside his house, located on Calle Tecolotes, when the aggressor approached the heart of the life and began to call the dog, ensuring that the animal approached until it was safe. steal them.

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They hold a substance that lasted 18 kilos in unhealthy conditions

How did I attack Sbanch?

In the images of the attack it is observed that the perrito began to steal them from the man, when he had a substance in his beak – which would be a acid-. The attack lasted only 16 seconds, but knowing what is in the video, the man performed it in a deliberate and intentional manner, you can see that he clung to the body with the full intention of throwing the liquid at her, while the animal stole it and he looked for the door of the house.

The two of Sbanch shared that the animal was suffering quemaduras in the beak and I am at risk of losing an eye, as a result of the acid that has fallen on my skin. For this crime, the family of the mascot God to know that ya filed a complaint before the General Tax of the State (FGE) of Sonora. Bear in mind that in saying that the abused animal is a crime that is paid for in prison.

What do you know about the farmer?

Persons who attack an animal can spend six months and up to six years in prison, as well as fines for these crimes can range from 50 to 400 Current Medication and Actualization Units.

So far, the name of the aggressor of Sbanch has not been known, but it is known that the suit was known in the area to be a problematic neighbor. In the clip he is seen seeing a black-colored chamarra and loading a container, in which he supposedly transported it acid with the one who attacked the animal.

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