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Hamas vs. Israel: Reclaim civil rights

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Hamas indicated that more than 200 Palestinians had died in the last 24 hours for them incessant bombardments and Israel’s land operation in the siege Franja de Gazawho hopes for the benefit of more humanitarian aid, through a resolution of the UN Security Council.

The Islamic group accused the Israeli Army of having killed this week dozens of Palestinians in a land operation in Jabalia (north), some of them being “executed”.

The attack in the city of Gaza resulted in 76 members of the population al-Mughrabi family, by Mahoud Bassal, voice of Civil Defense in Gaza. He gave the names of 16 jefes de hogares within the family and I said that between the deaths there would be women and children.

Por su parte, I’ll send it Israeli military I say that their troops arrested hundreds of Hamas “milicianos” and brought more than 200 to Israel to interrogate them. The Army said that more than 700 people were allegedly tied to it Hamas and Islamic Yihad they were sent to the prison.

Similarly, the Israeli Armed Forces announced the death of five soldiers from the dead, raising their military deaths to 144.

It is worth recording that Israel declared war, after which Hamas militants crossed the front on October 7, killing more than 200 thousand people and taking 240 lives.

Despite the international calls for fire, Israel has vowed to continue the fight to destroy the Islamist group and liberate the people.

In the meantime, the UN Security Council has approved a diluted resolution aimed at speeding up the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza, but not to a fire scene. The Israeli army spread many images of its soldiers advancing through the ruins and leading the way to the south of France.


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