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Hamás releases a second group of 20 people, no news from the disappeared Mexicans

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The arm of the movement Palestinian Islamist Hamás, I said this Saturday 25 November that I joined 13 rehenes israelíes y 7 foreigners at the Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja (CICR), before the last hour in Medianoche, in fulfillment of the agreement with Israel.

The hats are now “on the way to the Rafah pass”. Egypthe pointed towards the army Israeli. In exchange, 39 Palestinian prisonerswomen and teenagers under 19 years old, imprisoned in Israel, must be freed.

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Hamás frees the first 24 people, no news of the seized Mexicans in Israel

Hamás releases a second group of 20 rehenes. Credit: AFP

Por su parte, Hamas confirmed on Saturday that he would release a second group of reins before the middle as expected, after having retracted I’m moving on accusing Israel of no respect the warning of truce in the Gaza Strip during six weeks of war.

In a press release, Hamas I said that he “responded positively to the Egyptian stresses and catastrophes that lasted all day” and that I wanted a “compromise” from Israel, especially regarding the question of ayuda humanitarianism in the north of the country Franja de Gaza and about the liberation of imprisoned Palestinian prisoners.

No news from Mexicans. Credit: AFP

Catar, mediador clave en el conflictI confirmed this part trece rehenes israelíes y you are foreigners guards in the Gaza Strip will be released “this night” in exchange for 39 Palestinian prisoners.

“After a retreat, the obstacles were overcome to free the prisoners through contacts from Cathar and Egypt with two sides, and 39 Palestinian civilians will be liberated this night, just as 13 Israeli refugees will be sold from Gaza when they are aliens” , declared in red social media by the spokesperson of the Minister of External Relations Cathar, Majed Al Ansari.

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There truce of four extendable days, obtaining the miracles from Cathar, United States and Egypt, foreseen liberation of a total of 50 rehenes Israelis, more than 200 guards in Gaza, and 150 palestinos taken in Israel. It also includes humanitarian and fuel entry into Gaza.

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