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Hamás liberates 12 Gazans in the wake of a truce in Israel

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Islamist militants freed this Tuesday 10 Israeli women and two foreigners detained as they were rehened in Gaza in exchange for 30 Palestinian prisoners, in the fifth section there was the possibility of a 48-hour extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas.

Combatientes enmascarados de Hamasin the power in the Franja de Gazaand Islamic Yihad entered their rights to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Rafah, seeking the border of this Palestinian territory with Egypt, informed an AFP photographer.

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The army confirms that the rehenes are located in Israeli territory

The truce in Gaza was agreed last week with the mediation of Cathar, United States and Egypt. PHOTO: AFP

The office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that six Israelis and two people of the Thai nationality were part of the group seeking 240 secuestrados from the 7th of October, they were released and army he stated that everyone found themselves “inside Israeli territory”.

Los servicios penitenciarios de Israel they declared shortly after 30 Palestinian prisonersyes, all women or adults aged 19 or under, were freed by virtue of the knowledge that last week passed with the mediation of Cathar, United States and Egypt.

Two Argentinians and one Filipina between the freed men

The liberated Israelis are new women and a little girl, the Catar Chancellor informed. PHOTO: AFP

The spokesperson of the Cathar cancellation, Majed Al Ansari, I say that we are israelíes freed were new women and a little girl. Both include two Argentinians and one Filipina, all with double nationality.

There truce of four days within Israel and Hamas This Tuesday must end, but the games must be extended until 05:00 GMT to allow the release of 20 rehenes Israelis and 60 additional Palestinian prisoners.

Today the statement has allowed the liberation of 60 Palestinians from the hands of Hamás in the Gaza Strip and 180 Palestinians. PHOTO: AFP

In force since the medicine of the day, the understanding allowed you the liberation of 60 rehenes in the hands of Hamas en la Franja de Gaza and 180 Palestinians imprisoned in Israel.

With information from AFP

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