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Hamas is willing to prolong the truce Israel for four more days

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Hamas The Lord stated that he is willing to prolong the truce in the Gaza Strip for four more days to liberate more rehenes, in the midst of international pressure to obtain a lasting view of the fights between the Palestinian Islamist movement and Israel. El miércoles está foreseen un nuevo canje de rehenes retinidos en la Franja de Gaza from October 7th to the exchange of Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

There trucewhich lasted on the sixth day, allowed the massive entry of humanitarian aid into the besieged territory palestinian, devastated for six weeks by Israeli bombs. To weigh the “rayo de esperanza” of the truce, the inhabitants of the Franja de Gaza They are experiencing “a monumental human catastrophe”, denounced the Secretary General of the UNAntonio Guterres, demanding a “high real humane fight”.

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HARMFUL IMAGES: Grab a moment when a teenager was murdered by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank

Hamás states that 3 Argentine kings were killed during the bombings

The outcome is the extension of the truce agreed between Hamás and Israel

From November 24, following the truce, Hamás freed the abducted women and children. PHOTO: AFP

Translate to a first extension of the truce for two days, until 05:00 GMT, look for a source Hamas He stated to AFP the miracle that the Islamist movement, in the power in Gaza, it’s clear and prolong it “four more days”. In the West Bank, an occupied Palestinian territory Israel Since 1967, a boy of eight years and a teenager of 15 were murdered at the hands of the Israeli army, under the Palestinian Authority.

A Palestinian Red Cross official told AFP that both minors met “in a street perpendicular to the main avenue of the center of Yenin“, an area that el army Israeli It is prohibited in theory, since it is under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

On the other hand, army Israeli indicated that he was investigating a member of the military branch Hamas over death Gaza of a 10-month-old baby, his 4-year-old son and his mother who appear on the list of crimes captured by the Islamist movement.

60 Israeli prisoners were freed and 180 Palestinian prisoners were freed

The truce agreement also allowed the liberation of 21 foreign prisoners. PHOTO: AFP

From November 24, in application of the truce, Hamas free to diary to secuestrated women and children during their bloody attack Israel On the 7th of October, Israel expelled three Palestinians for each day, from a list of 19-year-old women and teenagers.

The understanding of trucetraded mainly through Cathar with the support of Egypt and the United States, has allowed the release of 60 rehenes Israel and 180 Palestinian prisoners. Ademas, 21 rehenes foreigners, among the majority of Thais who live there Israelthey were freed from the mark of this acuerdo.

Will we be released this Sunday November 29th?

Hamás has declared that he holds the majority of the lands and that others are in the hands of other Palestinian armed groups. PHOTO: AFP

Hamas he announced that “various” Russian men would be freed this miracle and later indicated that he had joined two women of that nationality at the Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja (ICRC) in France Gaza. Israeli authorities estimate that up to 240 people followed the roads during the attack launched by Hamas from the Franja de Gaza that covered the lives of one thousand 200 people in Israel, the great majority of civilians.

Hamás has declared that he holds the mayoría de los rehenes and that others are in the hands of other Palestinian armed groups. Israel promised to “enrich” the Islamist movement in power since 2007 in France Gazaand since the 7th of October until the beginning of the truce the past few years have incessantly bombed the Palestinian territory.

With information from AFP

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