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Hamás frees the first 24 people, no news of the seized Mexicans in Israel

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The temporary truce between Israel and Hamás in Gaza began this morning on November 24, with the release of the first 24 people captured by the Palestinian Islamist group on Saturday 7 October, when it launched an unprecedented offensive on land, sea and air which resulted in a total of 200 people killed and another 240 highways.

News agencies como Agence France-Presse, Reuters y Europa Pressquoting Middle Israel, they informed that a group of women and children had been entertained and found themselves low view of the Red Crossand it was detailed that there were at least 13 Israelis who were liberated and who crossed into Egypt on the first day of the truce, knowing that at the beginning he contemplated a pause in the fighting for four days.

Israeli security forces hope for the release of prisoners held by Hamás in Gaza in exchange for Palestinian prisoners Photo: AFP

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Why did the hutíes seize the hole where there are 2 Mexicans?

12 Thai yarns were also released this time

Furthermore, in accordance with the information service of the Government of Egypt, the 13 rehenes that were initially released will be added to 12 people of Thai origin. In response, Thailand’s prime minister, Srettha Thavisin, announced the release of his countrymen seized by Hamás on October 7: “The Security Service and the Ministry of External Relations confirmed that 12 Thai kings were released,” Thavisin informed through his account. X, before Twitter.

This time we started the exchange of reels captured last October 7th by Hamás. Photo: AFP

In exchange for the first 13 rehenes, the Israeli authorities agreed to submit 39 Palestinian prisoners. With the truce, both sides could expect, starting from this country, a total of 50 reins, women and children, in exchange for the release of three Palestinian prisoners for each kidnapping. That’s it, 50 civilians for 150 Palestinians.

On the other hand, Israel confirmed that he had received a “first list of names” of names and that he was “in contact with all the families”, and distributed a list of 300 Palestinian prisoners who can be released from prison: 33 women and 267 children under 19 years of age. Wait for the moment, don’t you know when Ilana Gritzewsky and Orión Hernández could be freed, the dos secuestrados mexicanos for the Palestinian organization.

With information from AFP and Europa Press.

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