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Hamás confirms 3 Argentinian kings killed during bombings of Israel

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This Sunday, November 29, in the midst of the truce that is currently taking place between Israel and Palestine, the armed group Hamas god to know that tres rehenes – of the Argentine nationality – they lost their lives during the last years bombardios who were registered in the Gaza Strip. According to the information shared by local media, one of the fatal victims would be a baby as young as 10 months old, who would be the youngest person to die from this war conflict.

“Three Zionists believed to have been killed as a result of bombardios “former Zionists (part of Israel) in the Gaza Strip”, Al Qasam informed in a statement. In the document it was specified that the culprits were a woman and two younger children of old, who were identified as Shiri Silverman Bibas, mother of Kfir Baby – 10 month old baby – and her baby Ariel, four years old.

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The other attack on Israeli women by Hamás

Israel and Hamás plan to extend the humanitarian truce for more than two days

Family members want the release of their queried families. Photo: special.

Who are the Argentine kings who died during the bombings?

Following information from local media, los Argentinians They live in Kibutz Nir Oz, an Israeli community close to Gaza. It is known that the three were returned as rehenes when the war began and were subsequently transferred to the Gaza Strip. It should be mentioned that at the same time as the victims they met the father of the minors, a man called Yardén Bibas, but it is now unclear whether the man follows with life or not.

The Israeli authorities ensured that they would investigate the circumstances in which they were murdered tres rehenesya que questionan el por qué Hamas The woman and the younger ones were not released, when the women and the children were the first people to be freed during the first days of the truce.

Hamás informed that the bullets were killed by bombers. Photo: special.

Family members have asked for the release of the Argentine kings

Family members of the victims have called attention to the authorities in Israel to solicit the release of the woman and her two children. Prior to her death, the queridos of the family had commented that they were afraid of the integrity of their children, who didn’t have any information about her protector. “All the children have been freed. We don’t know where they are kept” nor “anything from your state”, I say for a few days. Ofri Bibas, the mother of the children.

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