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Hallan, the editor of Putin’s favorite periodical, dies in foreign circumstances

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Anna Tsarevawho was the subdirectora en jefe of the periodical Komsomolskaya Pravda, was found dead in her department in the capital Moscow. The diary was the favorite of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin who consulted it as one of their main communication mediums.

The investigation of the death of the editor of the rotary comenzó; However, with the first few questions carried out by the police, they indicated that the woman died due to natural causes, and that what had ended her life was as a consequence of a “cardiac insufficiency”, following information about the average person.

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The editor wrote in Putin’s favorite diary. ??Photo: Archive

Where did the editor of Putin’s favorite diary die?

At the moment, the cause of death of the editor of Vladimir Putin’s favorite periodical was due to “severe heart failure”, something she suffered when she was in her department. Anna Tsareva had a decision viral infection that had affected her respiratory pathways.

After the infection, Tsareva began to experience consequences in her health such as the appearance of fever. Her father, worried because his wife didn’t respond to her calls or her messages on her cell phone, opted to go personally to the editor’s house to confirm that everything was fine.

When the father arrived at the department, he met the body of his hija in life inside the house located on Bolshoy Tishinsky Lane. There you will find the corresponding authorities to start with the questions to identify the causes of the death of the woman.

Anna Tsareva was 35 years old. Photo: Daily Star

However, the extra circumstances surrounding the death of the editor began to arise before the short age of 35 years, and that shock with the cause of death caused by heart failure, also in the past few days the jefe addition of the rotary directed content about the war in Ukraine, reported it Daily Star.

Similarity, the death of Anna Tsareva occurred a year after the death of her newspaper editor, Vladimir Sungorkin, who was also reported due to a “heart attack”, a death that occurred in other similar cases.

“The periodical Komsomolskaya Pravda It was also described by President Vladimir Putin as a favorite magazine”, following a strong quote by the British media.

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