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Hallan the body of Felipe Castro, captain of the “Aca Rey” yacht who disappeared at the pace of “Otis”

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Felipe Castro de la Pazcaptain of the yate “Aca Rey” and whoever found it reported as disappeared from the beginning of “Otis” as a huracán category cinco in the state of Guerrero, was located since life. The authorities have entered the body to your family members after more than 30 days of waiting.

Sus hijas, Andrew y Maura Castrothey confirmed the complaint fallacimiento of the señor Felipe. Through their Facebook accounts, both women expressed that after a long time of seeking, so that they would finally keep their father back, although not as much as they wanted.

“We wait for you until we meet you. Now you can sail into the sea that I want you to grow and form. This is not a goodbye, it’s a long time ago, I always wonder what happened”, wrote Maura.

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Felipe was missing from the 24th of October. Credits: Facebook/Andrea Castro.

What happened to Felipe Castro?

Felipe Catro de la Paz if you found yourself missing after the 24th of October after the impact of the hurricane “Otis“in the port of Acapulco. That being said, until this December 2nd, the General Fiscalía de Justice del Estado de Guerrero shared a card of the hombre who was 58 years old.

The authorities confirmed that the body of the señor had been handed over to his family members. Credits: X/@FGEGuerrero.

Lamentably, this Sunday, the authorities confirmed that the body in the life of the señor you were entreated to your family members. Por medio de su oficial cuenta de X, la Tax It was noted that the institution applied the so-called “Entrega Digna” Protocol to carry out the corresponding procedure.

How many victims have lost the step of “Otis”?

With the hallazgo sin vida del señor Felipe Castrothe number of fatalities caused by the passing of the hurricane “Otis” in the state of Guerrero you reach 52. You have to remember that the last report has been revealed to the authorities in the region who currently have more than 30 people reported as having disappeared during the accident in the entity.

De hecho, recently, the Fiscalía de Guerrero informed that through the Ministerial Investigative Police as well as the Canine Hunting Unit, they are seeking in an exhaustive manner, to a person with a report of disappearance in the colony on November 20th. In this sense, the authorities are carrying out actions to remove occasional attackers by them huracán.

With Felipe, the hurricane “Otis” claimed 52 fatal lives. Credits: X/@FGEGuerrero.

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