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Gymnast Simone Biles returns to compete after participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo

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Simone Biles I lived a complicated life Olympic Games en Tokyo where the gymnast is United States sufrió twisties, a condition that occurs in gymnasts that attacks them mentally, causing them to lose the confidence to be able to continue the task; However, you are on the list to participate in the next Olympic Games Paris 2024.

In the capital of JapanThe high-performance athlete from the United States cannot help but compete because she will never win her four gold medals won by the Olympics Rio de Janeiro in 2016 I converted her into the new monarch of the world class gymnastics.

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Simone Biles suffered from twisties, a condition that meant she would lose her faith. Photo: Archive

How is Simone Biles’ triumphant return?

Simone Biles, signed a triumphal return to the competition in 2023, with two golds in the Amberes World Cup, demonstrating that she is on the list to shine again in an Olympic city, in Paris the next time, according to information from the AFP agency.

Victim of them twisties (see the references in the space) in the capital city, the team of Olympic champions in Rio completed with the gymnasia to maintain their mental health and did not return to the competition until August past in the championships of their countries, from which they registered an eighth title in the complete competition, a record.

Simone Biles won 4 gold medals in Rio 2016. Photo: AFP

But it was in the city of Amberes in Béligca, in the sight of the whole world, when he demonstrated that the “new” Simone Biles had little to envy her other, taking five medals four of her gold (suelo, strength of balance, general and team competition), for a total of 23 titles at world level and 30 medals.

Even more important, she wanted to delight the public with her spins and jumps and demonstrated herself in the same way that she was the queen of the gymnastics, which took the agency away from the city after her participation in the gymnastics world championship in Amberes:

“I don’t have words. The energy of the people, the competition… I’m simply happy to be here, to feel the presence again, I think I’ve learned a lot to continue aiming forward,” said the 26-year-old gymnast from Amberes , with the sight of you in Paris.

With information from AFP.

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