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Guillki Maika case: a second suspect of the femicide occurred in Chapala against the Venezuelan

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Wait now, I am two men who have been detained for their alleged participation in the femicide of Guillki Maikaa woman of Venezuelan origin who was murdered in the municipality of Chapala.

This morning the Jalisco Tax Office informed you that detuvo to a second man, with whom he is presumed to be there victim I had a friendly relationship.

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Case Maika Torres: Taxation holds a person vinculada with the feminicide

They meet a lifelong woman who could be Maika Torres, a fan of Lucero who disappeared in Jalisco

They are kept in a second package in the Maika seat
PHOTO: Special

If it’s about Jaideber R.to whom the order of apprehension was carried out and was presented before the Control game that claimed it.

The victim was last seen on the 1st of December in the municipality of Chapala, so that from there they were brought up near the street workers, it was in a place where a person was located fallicidal which, based on preliminary data, coincides with the physical characteristics of the victim, as well as the fact that different indices are ascertained, among them a iPhoneone mochila, one Tabletamong other objects.

Maika’s representative identified the possible attacker

El Fiscal de Jalisco, Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz confirmed this month that I was exposed to Guillki Maika You have identified it.

The disappearance and subsequent disappearance of a Venezuelan woman in Jalisco, even if the protocol of feminicide is investigated, the carpet was opened by disappearance aggravated by the theme of the deprivation of life, confirmed the Fiscal.

The alleged ass is detained and now it is believed that they do not know each other, but they investigate further with the fact that some supposedly friendly relationship existed and the line of investigation is still not clear or confirmed.

“The table as such is the disappearance aggravated by the theme of the deprivation of life. And obviously you may know that the protocol of feminicide is now lower. Therefore, it is a matter of fact and you have some other data that you need to clarify above the march, so we do it”, he explained.

As soon as possible, Jaideber R. was notified of the derechos that the law confided to her and she was presumed innocent until the condemnatory sentence was handed down to her by the judicial body.

The first prisoner was found in a life with evidence of femicide

The body of Maika Torres was encountered in a life in Chapala, Jalisco, where the detention of the suspicious first took place. In life, there were objects that belonged to the woman.

“Deriving from the work carried out by the Fiscalía Special in Disappeared Persons to expose the disappearance of a foreign woman of the name Guillki Maika, she took to the edge of a cat in the municipality of Chapala, where a living person was located”, informed the Fiscalía local.


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