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Guadalupe Taddei proposed to Roberto Félix for the Executive Secretariat of the INE: “Recover all requirements”

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The proposal of Guadalupe Taddei, council president of the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), to fill the Executive Secretariat key e.g Roberto Carlos Félix López.

This morning, I sent you a short telephone conversation via the signal from El Heraldo Radio 98.5 FM. During the Sergio and Lupita program, Taddei noticed that López Félix is ​​a solid perfilyou can have experience and all the professional conditions, so you are confident that you will achieve the necessary votes.

“It is the responsibility of the INE to make proposals, in this case, who is recommended as a possible candidate for the executive secretary of the institute. Roberto Carlos Félix López is a person who fulfills all the legal requirements to be in the position”, I say.

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Guadalupe Taddei, president of the INE. Photo: Cuartoscuro

It should be noted that for the approval the highest level of approval is required, it is decided, according to the once possible votes in the general council of the INE. Before that, the councilor declared on the plate with the conductors:

“At this moment we meet in the phase of deliberation, review of papers, credentials. Now we will take a moment of collective reflection to see what the next step is”, he commented.

INE, what is the function of the Executive Secretariat?

Respect to you labores To realize Roberto Carlos Félix as possible appointment of the Executive Secretariat, the Council of the INE detailed the following:

“The Executive Secretariat depends entirely on the operational structure of the institute, because it is the person who, apart from carrying out the legal representation of the institute, is responsible for the coordination of all areas, central offices and delegation areas of the institute”, he explained.

Roberto is part of the LGBTTIQ+ collective. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Here is Roberto Félix López

Originally from Sound, has a track record in the electoral field and is currently in charge of the Executive Secretariat office, which employs María Elena Cornejo. Furthermore, he has abandoned cargoes as Strategic Coordinator and Technical Secretary of the Presidency of the General Council, during the months of mayo in julio of this year.

Please note that Roberto is part of the collection LGBTTIQ+Therefore, being elected to the position of Executive Secretariat will be the first person of this community to take care of the cargo.


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