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Government of Chihuahua informs about the new home of the jirafa “Benito”

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With the firm belief that the well-being of “Benito” is a priority, the Government of the State informs that soon, the jirafa will tend to a new home in Africa Safari, thanks to the management implemented by the governor Maru Campos.

The decision took place after numerous evaluations and managements, eliciting the genuine concern of the citizens of Juárez for the life of the example, just as from the beginning it was welcomed with great kindness by some of the Juarens as well as with strict care and respect to their required and necessary by the authority.

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In this sense, for the last few weeks he has established contact with the Africam Safari Wildlife Conservation Park, in Valsequillo, Puebla, with the aim of converting this space into his new home.

Now the park has confirmed that there are lists to receive in Benito in Puebla, so the relocation will be raised as soon as the corresponding documents are received by federal authorities.

This state expresses its appreciation to the Africam Safari park for its availability to receive Benito, in a space that without doubt any one will be beneficial to the example. In the same way we welcome all good-hearted people who are concerned about the consequences of the jirafa and who share the commitment of the actual state administration with the good animal.

The jirafa will be transported to the sanctuary to be looked after as it should

On the other hand, the staff of Africam Safari showed through a video, their welcome to receive Benito and I said I would like to say hello to his installations.

It is hoped that in the next few days, the pending documentation will be received from the federal authorities to successfully bring about the transfer of Benito to his new home.

The Government of the State reiterates its commitment with the Chihuahuas and the citizens to await at all times and without distinction, the anxieties of the citizenry in the realm of the good in common.


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