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Google will pay 700 million dollars to its consumers: where and why?

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Google will have to pay 700 million dollars to some of its customers, due to which the company will implement changes in its online company policy Google Play to reduce the bars to the skill of desarrolladores minors. This includes the possibility of having the applications made to its users directly in a monopoly theme.

Alphabet, the parent company of the tech giant Google, agreed to pay the multimillion dollar amount as part of an anti-monopoly plan. “Google will pay 630 million dollars to a conciliation fund that will be distributed for the benefit of consumers according to a plan approved by the Court and 70 million dollars to a fund that will be used by states,” indicated the tech giant.

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Google will have to pay 700 billion to its customers. Photo: Archive

Will Google pay thousands of dollars to anyone?

The funds that Google will pay will be allocated to current customers of its Android application company and the summer government, reported Alphabet in a press release for the dissemination of the article quoted by the AFP agency.

Decades of states in single states were fought in a request filed in July 2021 before a federal court in California in which Google was accused of abusing its power and market position with respect to consumers’ access to applications on mobile devices with operating system Android.

The request, addressed by 37 general tax codes, indicated that Google was using unfair tactics of competence to slow down the distribution of Android applications in separate areas Play Storefrom which on the payment system cobra commissions for transactions.

Google faces a monopoly theme. Photo: Archive

An announcement was announced in September, but the details of the same were not revealed. The fund derived from the account will be used to provide money to eligible consumers in all states.

Eligible consumers who made a purchase on the Play Store between August 16, 2016 and September 30, 2023 will receive a minimum of 2 dollars, according to the judicial order. And app developers and players “can implement an alternative billing option in conjunction with the Google Play billing system for their current users,” Alphabet said in its press release.

Likewise, those who presented the case in court, in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and its state territories have reached the conclusion. Last week, Epic Games, the creator of the famous game Fortniteled to a major judicial battle in the United States against Google when a judge decided that the search engine giant was exercising an illegal monopoly power across its Android application chain.

With information from AFP.

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