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Global alert: increasing reports of childhood pneumonia in United States, Europe and China

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has made it possible to China in the target, where an increase in cases was reported infantile neumonia, which is caused by a pathogen that has not yet been identified; Over the last few weeks, the department has asked the Chinese authorities to be transparent and provide truthful information about the situation currently experienced in the country.

Born in China, other countries of Europe they have set off alarms for neumonia bros that are similar to those in Asian countries. Ahora, United States You have added to the list of governments who have been informed about a report of respiratory illnesses, mainly in younger years. In this context, state health authorities have revealed that the states of Ohio, New Jersey and Massachusetts have increased pneumonia infections.

The new virus in China has not yet been identified. Photo: special.

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Who knows about the mysterious neumonia in United States?

According to the report of the authorities, in the county of Warren, in the state of New Jersey, less than 142 cases of infantile neumonia. However, it is not caused by an unknown pathogen as it occurs China, until the infections were attributed to the “white lung syndrome”, a highly contagious but known disease.

On the other hand, authorities in the state of Massachusetts revealed that doctors are experiencing “much” walking neumonias, which are caused by a mixture of bacterial and viral infections; However, none of the animals are caused by a new pathogen, but not all infections are caused by the same pathogens.

In China, the authorities carry out steps to disinfect streets and schools. Photo: special.

Doctors in the EU inform the population not to be alarmed before cases of pneumonia

Ahead of the new cases of pneumonia that are nitrogenating in it United Statesdoctors and specialists have asked the people not to panic, so that they can ensure that it is normal that, place of the pandemic COVID-19there is an increase in respiratory illnesses, which are a consequence of the end of health care.

“It will not be surprising that some places in the United States are at the top of the reference level this year, as it seems that various bacterial and viral infections are recovering after Covid”, said doctor Amesh Adalja, expert in infectious diseases at Johns University Hopkins.

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