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Give the Palace to Luis Enrique Orozco, interim governor of New León, who’s next on his plane?

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Luis Enrique Orozco, interim governor of New León, went to the Palacio de Gobierno de New León, where he planned a meeting with the secretary general of government; without embargo, el inmueble I looked for it and everything retreatthen make sure that the entrance door is not forced by him switched on of his team.

I say that the first act would be one reunion with los secretaries of the cabinet to know the state of administration; It was asked to the general secretary of the Government that this was the way to inform all the heads of the secretaries who were having this conversation, but before the door of the palace, if cancelled the misma.

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Orozco went to the Government Palace in the morning, but he was locked. Credit: Alcalde
José Luis Santos

Luis Enrique Orozco will seek reunion with mayors and mayors of New León; He canceled his meeting with the Cabinet because he didn’t want to enter the Palace

During a brief interview with the communication media, I ensured that no government from the other point of the state which is not the Government Palace, but it becomes clear that in case one is unable to pass by without delay, one will then seek them herramientas much juridical how administrative y materials to do effective exercise of power.

In this sense, I informed them that they have not sent any communication to the office which contradicts what I am saying for the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nationwhence it is best to the authorities who do not obstruct the burden that the members of the local Congress gave them.

I ensured that he would seek to reunite with the local alcaldes and congress. Credit: Cuartoscuro

What are the planes of Luis Enrique Orozco? He will look for the hardware to carry out the shipment

He also informed him that he had no communication with them legislators, those who asked him to carry the cargo of the government of New León; I am available for a meeting with him alcaldes y alcaldesas of the state, además de otra con los deputies to restore the dialogue with the intention of starting the exercise of power. Hope that this meeting can take place this same end of the week.

On the other hand, I say that I have not had any dialogue with anyone Samuel Garciawho did not present himself beforehand during the political day which took place during the election of the 2nd of December 2023, and he preferred to attend to the take itTherefore, leave the place and continue with the meals during the morning.

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