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FULL IMAGES: atraco ends on balances, victim is defended on full street outside the bank

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A thief wardrobe He was surprised by a person who ended up being the victim of assault Due to the fact that she didn’t count on the man who wanted to stop her on her bag of money, she took off between her clothes pistol with which he fired at that marropa to the gunslinger who could support himself on his feet to try to escape from the balacera.

In social circles it is observed when the victim of the attack goes to a place where he has to take a large bag with money Colombia, when a person immediately started to approach the man with the money he intended to give it to him to get the bag; However, he did not expect that the person attacked would respond in an aggressive manner.

The man disappeared to the attacker in Colombia. Photo: Captura de pantalla

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Was the thief left to survive among the whale that he suffered in Colombia?

In the period of 40 seconds, it is observed when the man with the money bag stood in the car to get out of it and try to get into the vehicle, but just before doing so, he was intercepted by the criminal who was walking and according to him he was looking for the victim and ran to prevent him from escaping with the gun in his hand and aiming at the driver.

When the man realized that he was being attacked, he threw the bag with the money on the floor, he hooked it up and went to the back side of his wagon to be able to fire his gun while he was saving himself from the aggressive attacker who didn’t have to point at him .

With the pistol unholstered, the victim of the gun aimed directly at the attacker and began to shoot the attacker, and although it was observed that some of the bullets could hit the thief, he could go up running towards the floor to lift his bag with him. money in.

If you don’t know the criminal who hurt you and can survive, and if the victim can recover money, every time in the same scene, it was a motorcyclist who apparently hoped the onlooker would hit him, the alleged accomplice was also at full speed .

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