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FULL IMAGES: a doctor also operated on an appendicitis to survive

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When the topics of survival are discussed, there are different people who demonstrate their extreme desire to be in this world, which is why they encounter unimaginable things with such survival, such is the case of people who are put on clothes when they are skin, of people who have mutilated themselves with such to escape or of people who have worked on such things with such to preserve their health.

This is precisely the case of survival to the extreme of a doctor who went through history in the 1960s, I owe it to the health professional to practice such a surgery with the aim of not dying due to violence apendisitis that amenazaba on life.

The treatments are usually done by one or more people. Photo: Pixabay

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Survival to the extreme: the story of the man who began his life to avoid dying

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This is precisely the story of Leónid Rogozov, a Soviet Russian doctor who removed a paper dropped during the Soviet expedition to the Novolázarevskaya investigation station in Antártida in 1961, without imagining that this expedition would always change his life, you can imagine tended to operate similar to appendicitis.

The story of Leonid Rogozov, the doctor who performed such a similar surgery

During the mission, Rogozov began to experience symptoms of acute appendicitis, a serious medical condition that required immediate surgical intervention. The remote distance and adverse climatic conditions made it impossible to evacuate him to a hospital, which led to a distressing situation.

Faced with the urgency of the situation and the impossibility of receiving external help, Rogozov made the wise decision to carry out an appendectomy for himself, and given the difficulties and limitations, he placed himself under local anesthesia and self-inflicted with the assistance of an engineer and meteorologist , and proceeded to extirpate his inflamed appendix.

Leonid Rogozov worked in the same way. Photo: X @TimeTriping

How did Leonid Rogozov log his surgery?

The operation was slow and complicated, since it took place in extremely adverse conditions, it is possible to tell the doctor only that he used a tool to heal the incision and with the collaboration of his expedition companions, at the time that there were various problems in the operation proceeded.

Rogozov’s surgical ability, blood flow and determination during self-operation were impressive, and he was able to successfully complete the surgery, which allowed for a gradual recovery. His valor and his medical abilities in such extreme conditions highlighted the dedication of health professionals and his ability to meet exceptional needs to preserve life, including in the freezing cold of Antártida.

Leonid Rogozov while he recovers. Photo: X @TimeTriping


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