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FUERTY IMAGES: mother and children are undergoing a moving train, but the woman is on the streets

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A mother who intended to suffer with his dos hijos to a train I was in motion all the time accident at the moment when she reached one of her men who was likely to suffer and the locomotive arrived; without embargo, once in a while the woman asked to be worn between the journey and the train.

The terrible accident was detected by one of the video surveillance cameras of the train station located in the India, an incident that was shared in the social circles with the date that was recorded last November 13th. Considering how many people followed their mother’s rescue, they couldn’t do anything to save her.

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What happened with the mother who went down the train route?

In the images it is observed when the woman, named Gayatri Bagira, close to the locals, who was carrying one of her men in arms, raised her hand to her second son so that he could be subjected to the train, which he recorded with the help a person who was inside the locomotive. However, when it was the woman’s turn, she was there difficulties to be able to enter the vehicle, when I use one of his feet arrives, I cannot support him and he ends up caer in the small space of the andén.

Trans caer part of your body to you go, the woman was loved but left her son in the street where they quickly turned to other people to help him. Even though they had to suffer the woman who had her body on the streets, they couldn’t save her. The little boy who was in his arms was secured by the other passengers, while the second one was on the train.

Gayatri Bagira sufrió serious wounds on the arm and the fall below. They moved it to the hospital Gubernamental of Tirupur, while the railway police is investigating the case. El baby result without lesionsJust like the other guy, he boarded the train, just as I could tell immediately.

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