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Fuerte accident in Mexico-Toluca, car returns and leaves less than 4 accidents

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Late this December 15th there was an intense movement of emergency personnel and safety elements following a serious accident in the México-Toluca highway, whence I wrap up a particular car leaving a balance of less 4 people here.

Those who were taken care of in the room 26 kilometer specifically in ethe tunel which connects the vialidad with the peaje house. According to the first reports, a gray-colored car lost control and ended up spinning, causing its tremors to scatter against the floor.

Follow the text:

Choke between RTP unit and public transport truck had 13 injured in Dr. Río de la Loza

In the images that have circulated in social networks, one appreciates the moment in which the affected people remain sent to the casino table while the paramedics work with them first aids. Elements of the state and personal police of the Red Cross arrived at the perimeter.

Realize reducción de carroles

Acquired with information Civil Protection From the Cuajimalpa alcaldía, between the healers if they entered the elderly, the ones were attended to and until the moment it was discovered if some of the packages in the case had to be transported in an emergency to a hospital.

Due to the manipulations of the PC elements, inside the tunnel there is a reduction of carts, which has disappeared in slow circulation. In the area also brought a group of capital authorities to place the affected vehicle again over their four streets.

The people involved in the accident were caught between them prides of the vehicle, so you can activate the protocols to be able to recover and receive medical attention. Luckily, there are no dangers to complain about. He was an operative among various corporations of the CDMX y Estado de México.

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