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Front Frío, what is it and how do we care?

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Recently el front frío number 11 now we’ve seen low temperatures in most of the country, and even though we’ve finished, now we’re waiting for the joy of the front desk number 12 that will leave currents in polar and subtropical chorro, that will travel from the east until you are sure of Mexico.

Furthermore, the National Meteorological Service informed us that they expect weather, rain and temperatures as low as -10 degrees. Regrettably, this will not be the last winter stormof course you are waiting for the entrance 56 frentes frios that will affect you City of Mexico. Here we explain to you everything you need to know about it and give you advice on how to survive the cold.

Following reading:

Frente Frio 13 will enter the country on December 1st, there will be snow and snow with less than 10 degrees

When does the winter fill?

It is believed that the lower temperatures should be suitable for the temperature winterit’s not like this, and we’ll still follow it in October, the October weather will last until December.

If you calculate that winter solstice happens between days 21 y December 22nd In 2023, the entrance will cause the shortest day of the year to be kept, as fewer hours of solar light will be kept.

In the north we receive the winter solstice, in the south we receive the winter solstice. Photo: Signifcados

What are the frentes frios?

Let’s say we’re not here in winter, why is it cold? This is due to him frentes frios which are formed due to the cold air shock with one hot air masscausing instability in the area where it occurs.

This provokes temperature drop, wild winds, clouds, deserts, snows, high oils and wild rains.

What to do when it’s cold? so you can look after this time

It is important to follow certain indications in this early season, especially in adult mayores y kids, They may be the most vulnerable in contracting one sick or have an accident. Here we share a list of recommendations for the winter season.

Foods with vitamin A and C help prevent illnesses. Photo: special

Common illnesses in winter

In this period it is common for people to become ill due to the fact that viruses spread more easily in closed environments, as it is a time when people spend more time in closed places to look out for the cold, if there are some bacteria they look for, easily it may affect other people.

Some of the most common viruses that are contracted in winter are:

  1. Refreshed
  2. Gripe
  3. Bronquitis
  4. Influence
  5. Pharyngitis
  6. COVID-19
  7. Neumonía

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