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Frida Santamaría was hired for a job in Quemarropa; her case was classified as murder and her feminicide was free

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“If you make a joke of me, a joke of society”, this is how the family of Frida Santamaría García, a 24-year-old girl who was fostered by Juan Paulo “N” in Sahuayo de Morelos, Michoacán, expresses herself. A joke because considering that the attacker was detained and the case classified as femicide, suddenly, without prior notice, the crime was reclassified and the feminicide was free; medium political interests are suspected.

Frida’s femicide on June 18, 2022 was incomplete for her family and friends. She was one of those people who she asked for, who delighted her every day and who only cared about her life and well-being. She was loving, attentive and caring.

Patricia García, her mother, asks her voice to record her and try to describe the best qualities of Frida, her first child. A spontaneous woman, full of life, who gave away her smile and her good sense of humor where she wondered what she was. Happy, passionate, entertained.

The advice given by them motivated her to study physiotherapy, which she followed by preparing herself professionally and specializing in the care of adults, majors and children. In September 2022 she was about to start a mastery, I knew that she couldn’t stop because she had been asesinated before. She was also a very busy person, she knew about her mother, she from a small age supported her family’s business dedicated to organizing events in party halls, so she always kept herself very busy.

Juan Paulo “N”

I met her femicide at the beginning of 2022 around the time she started to join a new group of friends. Few people know that they are going up and that they have a relationship, of course with Mrs. Paty, there is no exact fact of when they started to be together.

Frida’s fathers met Juan Paulo 10 days before the feminicide on the 24th birthday of his birthday. He introduced himself, I told him that he was the dueño of the restaurant where they met and that he didn’t like her much to talk about his family. The young girl’s mother noticed that she and other people with whom she was staying were armed.

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Juan Paulo’s father is Alejandro Amezcua, former municipal president of Sahuayo de Morelos from 2008 to 2011. It is said that currently he is looking for another candidate in the 2024 elections. On the other hand, the father of Juan Paulo is Alfredo Anaya Orozco, former secretary of economic development in Michoacán and who also, following Frida’s family, is interested in being a candidate for the governorship of the state next year.

Despite the fact that she didn’t know about Frida and Juan Paulo’s relationship, the young girl’s mother remembered that during these months she noticed something different in her daughter. That happy and attentive woman turned more reserved, distant and more fearful. She shares that during the Holy Week holidays she brought with more people in her body as she returned from a trip with this new group of friends, but she justified it by saying that she had fallen for it.

Between the feminicide, the violence that Juan Paulo committed against Frida came to light, as were the fierce discussions where she quit her cell phone and left her incommunicable.

“No I want to die”

On Saturday the 18th of June, like many at the end of the week, Frida had to work, she had three events to look forward to and organize throughout the day, so that she has been active since then. The last thing she attended late was at a bautizo in the Versalles ballroom – which was owned by her boyfriend. At the end of her work he met with some friends to take advantage of what she had organised.

At the table where he was heard there were 20 people present, all the acquaintances and friends who attended what was about to happen. She was enjoying it. Juan Paulo went to the place barefoot and with double trousers as long as the roller. He heard Frida’s words on another table; he has a wardrobe. Afterwards he argued with her, sacked her with her weapon and disappeared her in her torso.

“Your last words were: ‘Me heriste. I wonder. No I want to die.” she pronounced the young girl of life that in this moment her heart was fading away… A friend took her to the hospital, but the shot in her hand took her directly to her bed and there was no way to save her.

Considering that there were so many people who attended the events, there are very few of them who asked to give their statement and others who changed it on various occasions, and whether it was due to misdeed or complicity with the femicide, little is known about what I passed that late in the Versalles salon. Some witnesses say that Juan Paulo gave money to Frida and after that he married her, others who just wanted a piece of her or that everyone saw that she gave her a drink. “Friends” who were present, including mintieron to decide not to have been at the event. The victim’s family understands that the mayor has been harmed.

As for Juan Paulo, there were even more moments in the party room once they took Frida to the hospital. He received some things from her, as well as the young girl’s bag and phone and stopped. If he says that he was there until he passed it in Guadalajara.

“In the veil we looked for some people and they told me that we couldn’t do anything because we didn’t know who Alfredo was. And the other who had an idea for a long time that he wanted to end with her, he struck her and that in an event he intended to bring her to bear,” declares Mrs. Paty.

Amenazas and corruption

This is how the ordeal began for Frida Santamaría’s family. At the beginning, although the case was progressing slowly, it seemed to favor them. At the end of September 2022, Juan Paulo presented himself to an audience and was detained and placed on trial for feminicide. Starting from now, his family, with power and political influence, began to attack and amuse the victim, also to denigrate the memory of young people in social circles.

“They don’t expect it, they are very convinced that they can’t hold it,” Paty said. Until the end, the evenings queridos de Frida and the people who raise their voices by chance have been intimidated, from the rotary videos and the shouts to the vehicles, until the moment of death.

During the first days of 2023, a shortened sentence was raised, without prior notice to the victim’s family, from which Juan Paulo gave a third declaration and said they were lost to Frida by accident. The crime was classified as culpable homicide and the femicide was released on the 24th since, according to the Tax Code, there was no reason for precautionary measures to exist.

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Frida’s family members were filled with indignation and requested a report from the federal level so that the case could be classified as feminicide and the investigation should be carried out correctly. They believe that the Tax Office has completely reviewed the evidence of the relationship of violence that is in the youth system, which comes within the power of the authorities for the past few months, but has not yet been included in the matter. Furthermore, it is estimated that the resolution of the federal magistrate will take place within six and eight months starting in April 2023.

“The only thing that can have passed is corruption, because Juan Paulo’s cuñado decided to involve itself in the case and thus it involved many political figures and this was a political case, more than anything”. Frida’s family declares.

Justice for Frida

While there is a resolution of the crime, Juan Paulo leaves and diverts in Sahuayo with complete impunity. He has seen various events in the social circles, he attends reunions and parties with peace of mind in the company of his friends.

Frida’s laughter, joy and vitality now fade among the people who most desire her. The matarons were a part that took advice on living life. Señora Paty explains that every day she lives with uncertainty without knowing how she is going to be that day without the presence of her daughter. She realizes that it’s a game every day that she knows won’t end.

“She really doesn’t live… I know that a lot of all of us shared with her. It’s the worst, now yes the worst of the worst. We don’t live, we don’t fight, we don’t have anything that we care about.”

Por: María José Serrano Carbajal

Edition: Adai Ruiz Montes de Oca

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