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Freeze on CDMX: 11 frozen hot dishes this December 21st | MAP

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The beginning of winter en la City of Mexico (CDMX) comes with everything. And this is what the capital authorities have informed about this June 21st December11 alcaldias They will love you at low temperatures ranging from 1º to 3º C. Let us tell you what they are treating and how the rest of the demarcations will be.

But beforehand, it is convenient to record that winter in Mexico it will begin this morning and end until the month of March 2024. In this sense, it will pass 89 days until God finally begins the springso that during the next few weeks you must not take any precautions before the cold.

Following reading:

MAP: Five states are alerted that temperatures will tend to -10 degrees this December 20, 2023

MAP: Five states are alerted that temperatures will tend to -10 degrees this December 20, 2023

Caldías with alert naranja este 21 de diciembre

11 kettles will be stored with warning alert. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

De acuerdo con la Secretaría de Management Integral de Riesgos y Protección Civilon December 21st the will be activated alert naranja for low temperatures and possible heating in 11 alcaldias of the CDMX. If you live in some of them, you must follow them correctly and be careful or attentive to the official instructions. What are they? We share you:

  1. Álvaro Obregón
  2. Cuajimalpa
  3. Gustavo A. Madero
  4. Iztacalco
  5. Iztapalapa
  6. Magdalena Contreras
  7. Milpa Alta
  8. Tláhuac
  9. Tlalpan
  10. Venustiano Carranza
  11. Xochimilco

What will happen with the rest of the CDMX bars?

Five dishes will tend to be yellow. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

It is important to point out that the rest of the demarcations are correct Mexico City will not love you with your hands, continue using your best chamarra, who will love you with alert amarilla when presenting temperatures between 4º and 6º. Please be careful if you find yourself in:

  1. Azcapotzalco
  2. Benito Juárez
  3. Coyoacan
  4. Cuauhtémoc
  5. Miguel Hidalgo

What is the winter solstice 2023?

The winter solstice will occur on the next December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. Credits: Pexels/archive.

We cannot forget that the summer change of the year will be marked by the winter solstice. That is, the point at which the earth is in a more inclined position with relation to the sun and therefore, it will receive less light. Precisely for this reason, it is said that the night will be longer.

Este 2023, el winter solstice It will take place next December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere at 9.27 pm — central Mexican time. As you know, we are probably close to enjoying the shortest day of the whole year.

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