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Free the hijo of the journalist seized in Taxco

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If you have been retained in an illegal manner, Alberto Toledo Denovahijo of the Guerrero journalist Marco Antonio Toledoif you find yourself with your family, you will be informed about the sources of the General Tax of the State of Guerrero.

Toledo Denova and his fathers, Mark Antony y GuadalupeThey were seized by alleged perpetrators of the crime organized last November 18th at their home, located in the warlike location of Taxco.

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According to witnesses from the local media, the Toledo family and three other people were driven away with violence by their armed men, who presumably belonged to groups of the organized crime.

The search for journalists Marco Antonio Toledo, Silvia Arce y Alberto Sanchezthese are the latest contributors to the portal Red 7was coordinated by state and federal authorities on various days.

Free the Toledo family

The past Saturday, Guadalupe Denova she was released by her captors to local director Elvira Serrano. Nowadays it’s late to find out about her, Marco Antonio Toledoalso recognized on libertad without apparent injuries.

It took two more days for the youngest of the family, Alberto, 28 years old, to be reunited with his fathers in his home, where he would go through the terrible experience of secuestro.

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