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Francisco Cervantes: “The business sector, through dialogue, wants to work with a team”

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This day, during the presentation of the sample Claudia Sheinbaumwhat will help you comply with the national project 2024-2030, Francisco CervantesPresident of the Business Coordinator Council spoke some words from the presidium.

“For entrepreneurs, there has been a permanent belief in these years, to build, precisely through dialogue, the best paths towards the development of Mexico. It is because of them, that we take great interest in this situation, in that we have the ability to exchange reflections “between businessmen, academics and people have the aspiration to achieve the next government. If we maintain the dialogue as the main one of our reflections, we will surely aim to generate the best results for the country”, he subrayed.

Asymism, which has arisen in Mexico, in the years to come there are many retadors, may actually be living in the world, living the era of nearshoring or of relocalization of companies, which brings together the network of being competitive in trade and in reversal. He realized that thanks to our privileged geographical location, facing the number 1 economy in the world, and with solid trade alliances with Europe, the Pacific and Latin America, Mexico He is a global referent in this new era.

“By virtue of nearshoring, and thanks to the simultaneous strength of the domestic market, our economy will grow by around 3.5%, much more than initially predicted. Furthermore, we advance to be the 12th economy of the world, with the greatest inversion in decline as the porcentaje of the world PIB”.

On the other hand, I recognize that in the social sphere, they have been exerted in common, within the government, employers and citizens to get better salaries. However, I say, in order to continue improving the pace of growth and consolidate conditions of greater benefit for all, it is necessary to wait for substantive assumptions in our public policies, which are of common interest to Mexicans

With this purpose, the CCE developed a document for citizens’ consideration and those who aspire to government. In this work we call ourselves Un México Mejor para Todos. In this document, agreed with the organizations that integrate the CCE, it is proposed to pursue three fundamental areas with solid public policies:

  • Generate inclusion, opportunities and social movement
  • Consolidate an economy focused on quality of life, supported by inversion, external trade and the preservation of the environment; y
  • Building a country of laws and without corruption

“To generate inclusion, opportunities and social movement, we need to count on a strong society, which only works with better health and education. Furthermore, it is necessary to encourage the maximum inclusion of society in economic life, with facilities to open businesses in it the localities of the country, and to ensure that businesses that generate more employees, without discrimination of any kind, and with opportunities for all groups, and in particular, in all regions of Mexico”.

To consolidate an economy focused on the future quality of lifesupported by the inversion, external trade and preservation of the environment, we must fully absorb the phenomenon and the opportunity of nearshoring, and with it, foment the competitiveness and permanent creation of businesses, with four basic policies:

• Better regulation;

• Cooperative inversion of the public sector and the private sector for a greater infrastructure of connectivity and movement, and to satisfy the growing demand for clean and cheap energy;

• Development of the field and testing the opportunities that generate its production in the regional market of North America and other latitudes; y

• Fiscal and financial policies that foment the reversal

Finally, to build a country leyes and without corruption, we require in the first place effective public safety. This issue of public safety is a common concern and priority for all Mexicans. Likewise, we aspire to build options that lead to a solid state of right, with certain regulations for inversions, trade and private ownership, and with clear and accessible judicial processes.

We recognize our painful problems as a country that worries us a lot, as I am the insecurity, social and regional polarization and desire. Without embargo, we have a country with the strength and potential to embrace the future with the hope that it is possible to build a Mexico with better quality of life

It is for this reason that the CCE reiterates with this proposal that the employers will demand and contribute to effectively maintaining a better Mexico for all. Therefore, we appreciate very much the pre-candidate who is here present, the opportunity that they have toasted at the CCE to participate in these dialogues, which we have to maintain and enrich for the good of Mexico, finalized.

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