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Fox and his polemics “metidas de pata” in las redes: from the “comes y te vas” to the “company lady”

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Vicente Fox if it has been characterized to generate controversy since they won the presidency of Mexico in the year 2000 with his “Hoy, hoy, hoy”, and so it continued in the social circles where he was exposed in situations such as the filtering of the telephone call that I was with Fidel Castro whence arose the “comes y te vas” hasta la recién mensaje I tell to Mariana Rodriguezwife of the governor with license from Monterrey, Samuel Garciawho is called “company lady”.

Fox’s words were highlighted to the women, who were reported as misogynistic For the same Internet users, they began their administration as president of Mexico when they were called “cooker’s washers” to women who did not have an electric washing machine.

Fox has been displayed on various occasions in the reds. Photo: Archive

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What are Fox’s most recorded controversies?

Fox maintained its validity in public opinion when it ended on sex in 2006, the year in which Twitter emerged – now I know it as X- the one who approved it to continue raising controversy, and someone else’s “method of death”, as it happened in on primer tuit where confused to the ganador of the Nobel prize.

It was when ex-president Fox spoke about the perfect dictation in Latin America whence he cited the “Colombian winner of the Nobel Prize, Mario Vargas Llosa”, who is of Peruvian nationality. Indeed he has made other controversies over everything in his story X.

“I don’t care to come”, I was asked about the most controversial phrase when I complained to the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the moment he announced that he was going to eliminate the life pension of the former presidents of Mexico in May 2020.

Fox got caught in a mess with the federal government. Photo: Archive

Asymism, in the same theme of the diners, Vicente Fox denied it was three more times more than when he began on sexenio, I say that they accused his detractors in the social circles to show images of the great infrastructure of his ranch that they were a mere dedicated area for the siembra and the ganado.

Why did Fox’s X song stop?

Y during the pandemic de COVID-19, Vicente Fox dedicated himself to attacking the government of López Obrador and the health authorities in the same way as they addressed the problem that generated SARS-CoV-2, considering what concerns the federal media to those who were accused of the deaths that brought it sick, the rancher was also exposed to not carrying the health protocols.

In July 2021, Fox was attacked by the communicator Rafael Sarmiento who has a child with autism, where the ex-president will use the term to offend the federal government by not acting during the Covid-19 pandemic: “Along with these heights the government driver should follow no one’s medicine!”.

This is where Fox was exposed to use autism as an offense. Photo: X

In this sense, the communicator demanded a public apology from Vicente Fox Quesada for using the condition as an insult. On his mensaje, Sarmiento gave her a strong mensaje to highlight what was a true insult.

But the most recent case was the day in which Fox called “company lady” to Mariana Rodríguez who accompanied her husband Samuel García on his journey through the country as a pre-candidate for the presidency. Say the situation hiz that his number of

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