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Four examples of gas accumulation in Tlaxcala

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A strong one explosion occurred in a house in the municipality of San Luis Teolocholco en Tlaxcalahe alarmed the elderly people who came up from their homes to help the people who were inside the living room located between the streets of Los Pinos and El Pedregal at the time of training.

The accident left at least four people injured who met inside the house. The old people who tried to rescue the victims notified the authorities about the explosion that occurred this Tuesday on the last day of the Navidad.

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A lot of gas was used to accumulate gas. Photo: Cuartoscuro

One of the victims went missing through the wind amidst the explosion

Of course with the authorities, the cause that caused the manufacturing was due to a accumulation of gas resulting from a lot of fuel exploding inside the living room. At the same time, the effects of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana as well as the Municipal Police of Health were carried out.

Asimismo llegaron integratis del Cuerpo de Bomberos y Civil Protection of the state of Tlaxcala to see the soldier who came with severe damage that had to be seen among the elders after all the twenty years that had been destroyed.

Witnesses who witnessed the explosion affirmed that one of the people went up missing for one of the twenty years of the house due to the force as it appeared in the building on the last day of December 26th for the sake of the inhabitants who were not aware of it the accumulation of gas inside.

The four inhabitants who were injured suffered as a result, so they were transferred to the General Hospital of the State of Tlaxcala due to the severity they suffered from the explosion. Also attended by older and younger adults who suffered nervous crises due to the explosion of the gas tank.

The house ended with serious damage to its structure after one of the bars broke down in the building which also caused damage to some Italian homes, so Civil Protection called for exhaustive inspections of the workers looking for an explosion.

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