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Four deaths from the 7.5 intensity earthquake in Japan

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The Japanese authorities confirmed the death of four people this month due to the powerful earthquake that I knew Japanas the Kyodo agency indicated, reproducing information from the prefecture of Ishikawa (centre of the country), place of the epicentre.

The magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred at 07:10 GMT on Monday 1st January and caused significant damage. tsunamis more than one meter high in some areas, for what there are authors they ordered the evacuation of the population.

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Activate tsunami alert due to this morning’s earthquake in Japan

The earthquake, which was also felt in Tokyo, occurred on the Noto peninsula at 4.10pm (7.10am GMT). PHOTO: AFP

A 7.5-degree earthquake struck the prefecture of Richter Ishikawaon the western coast of the center of Japany obligo to activate one tsunami alert in a good part of the archipelago, it will also cause significant damage and keep buried at least six people below the escombros.

The earthquake, which was felt even in it Tokyoproduced on the Noto peninsula at 16:10 (7:10 GMT) and initially the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) estimated that the storm was 7.4 degrees on the Richter scale, although later reviewed at higher temperatures magnitude to a tenth.

In the same way the agency initially said that it was temblor if I produce I look for soil and later I locate the mine center 16 kilometers away depth. The earthquake caused one magnitude of 7 on the Japanese scale closed to 7, which is centered on the destructive capacity of the elements greater than in intensity.

What area was most affected by the earthquake in Ishikawa, Japan?

By 9:00 pm local time (12:00 GMT) we have recorded approximately 60 replicas of the earthquake. PHOTO: AFP

Images broadcast on Japanese television or in social circles showed the great power of temblor and the destructive power of the same, especially in the location of Wajima (one 500 kilometers to the west of Tokyo), where the most serious damage has been recorded.

In this city of 27 million inhabitants at least 30 single-family homes have graves daños, leaving at least six people buried beneath the escombros, and a building destroyed. El temblor It caused a great deal fire in this location.

Report of more earthquakes of magnitude 7 in Japan

By 9:00 pm local time (12:00 GMT) we have recorded approximately 60 reruns of the earthquake and the JMA has warned that during the next week it is very likely that more will be produced temblores which reaches the Japanese level 7.

El earthquake They also damage the roads and motorways of the region and are forced to temporarily stop traffic on various high-speed train lines. They have reported more than 30 million lives without light Ishikawa and another 3 million 600 in the nearby Niigata in the same situation, although the local authorities have said that at least no damage has been detected in any of them nuclear power plants of the country.

With information from AFP and EFE

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