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Former NASA chief says extraterrestrials are in an unexpected place on Earth

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The scientific Kevin Knuth y jefe del Centro de Investigación Ames de la Administración Nacional de Aeronáutica y el Espacio (NASAby its acronyms in English) from 2001 to 2005, ensured that you have extraterrestrials who walk around there Tierra From now on there is a lot of time and you can star hidden in an unexpected place.

Knuth pointed out that the form of life of space does not exist within people, but it is certain that they live in a place where human beings do not usually remain for a long time, but which favors extraterrestrials who adapt the climate of the planet to be able to survive.

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Kevin Knuth confirms that extraterrestrials live in Earth. Photo: Archive

Where in the Earth are extraterrestrials?

According to Kevin Knuth, extraterrestrials live in the depths of the sea in all vast oceans. “75% of the surface of the Earth is water and we really have very little access to it. So if you go and hide in some place, it’s perfect,” he said, quoted in the Daily Star.

In this regard, the scientist confirmed that aquatic environments are better than atmospheric environments, a situation that would favor aliens: “If you come from an aquatic environment, the aquatic environments of planets will be much better to live in than atmospheric environments,” he mentioned. emphasized:

“Atmospheres have a low calorific capacity, so the temperature varies so much… they get enormous temperature variations”: Kevin Knuth.

Like Knuth, aliens adapted to living in the oceans. Photo: Freepik

The scientist pointed out: “Now, in the light of one planet to another, there are enormous variations in temperature in the atmosphere: if you go to Mars, you will find a temperature of 100 degrees below Fahrenheit. If you go to Venus, you will find a temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s “It’s dramatic. And the air pressure is also dramatically different from one planet to another,” he said.

A study undertaken by the Australian molecular immunologist Edward J. Steelepublished in the scientific journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, suggested that the pulps and squids could be connected to Earth by having traveled thousands of kilometers in the outdoor space.

“You shouldn’t discount the possibility that cryopreserved calamar shells and/or pulp are stored in boiled shells for several hundred thousand years,” I argued Edward J. Steele.

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