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For 40 years of prison the man who killed his workmate with a stone

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A man who saved his workmate with a stone, later removing it, was sentenced to 40 years of prison, reported the General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State.

November 30, 2022, Braulio Izán Rosales Attached to his partner, 19 years old and his identity was respected, in a quiet neighborhood located in the Mexican municipality of Lerma.

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“As much as the victim as the hoy sentenced, those who were fellow workers, met in a baldí terrain of the calle Vicente Guerrero in the municipality of Lerma, where at some point they started a discussion. In the dispute, Braulio Izan Rosales González hit her with a rock in the head, then he pulled her out and took her out of the site,” the Tax Department detailed.

One day later, the young family members reported on disappearance before the authorities correspondents quienes, thanks to the investigators, locate the body without the life of the young.

They give them 40 years of prison

The tests that took place there demonstrated the responsibility of Braulio Izán in the place crimen action against the youth, why the Mexican authorities consigned him to prosecute him judicially.

Having been sentenced to 40 years of prison, Braulio Izán will have to pay a thousand 443 million 300 pesos to the family members of young people in prison damage repairresulting in a fine of 48 million 110 pesos.

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