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For 21 years of imprisonment at the height of the combination in Ecatepec I said: “I don’t like money, I want bills”

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A man identified as Moisés Martínez Carrera he was sentenced to 21 years and 11 months carcel I owe your responsibility for the crime Robo for public transport in the municipality of Hecatepec It is in the State of Mexico (Edomex). And it is that in April 2023, the subject was part of a assault Hacia the passers-by and the leader of a unit, a story that was captured and that went viral with the phrase “I don’t like the money, I want bills”.

By means of a press release, the General Tax of Justice of the Mexican Statehe informed me that I wanted it condenses contra Moises Martínez I owe it to you to be credited for your participation in it robo happened a year ago in a public transport vehicle on the highway Mexico – Pachuca.

Following reading:

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“I don’t like the money, I want billetes”: this is how the attack occurred in Ecatepec

The riders spoke to the passengers of their belongings. Credits: X.

The 12th of April 2023, Moisés Martínez and other men approached the unity of public transport while iban at the height of the Boulevares Impala en colony Hecatepec. However, as soon as they were subjected to what seemed to be a combination, they began to sit down and divest themselves of their belongings to all the people in the place.

I tell you what happened in the security cameras of the public transport and it became viral in communication and social media. In the video it was possible to observe the way in which the clothes with the amenazas, the stuff was on their cell phones and cards on them and the passengers. Even if you clearly hear the phrase “no me gustan las monedas, quiero billetes”.

This is the penalty for public transport in Ecatepec

Luego de cometer el assault, Moises and the other item is based on the public transport unit and placed at the location of the people. However, due to the fact that the act was reported before the agent of the Ministerio Público, the corresponding authorities began with the corresponding investigations.

In August 2023, the man was detained and transferred to Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social de Ecatepec. In this sense, after the implementation of the corresponding process, now Moisés Martínez you were sentenced not only to more than 21 years of prison, you will also have to pay a series of fines.

“In addition to the penalty of deprivation of liberty, the accused will have to pay fines, as his civil and political rights were suspended”, read in the Fiscal press release.

Moisés Martínez was sentenced to 21 years of prison. Credits: Fiscalía del Edomex.

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