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FOOLISH IMAGES: motorbike killers attack a woman in their shoes, the crime was caught by the security cameras

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A woman, identified as SweetI lost my life, the place of those alleged armed criminals they disparated en su contra in the municipality of San Nicolás de los Garza, New Leon. According to the local media, the violent perpetrators occurred during the night of the past night in the Valle del Mezquital colony.

The witnesses reported that the alleged asesinos were traveling on a motorcycle, when they intercepted the victim. One of the murderers grabbed her and in an exchange of words attacked her with a weapon. Next, the other criminal, who remained on the motorbike, carried a gun and disappeared against her.

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The victim met in the street at the moment of the crash. Photo: captura de pantalla.

What happened to Dulce’s farmers?

After the crime, the two men were subjected to the vehicle and escaped from the scene, leaving the woman tending over the asphalt and with severe wounds with a fire weapon. De acuerdo with medium locals, Sweet fallecio as a succession of three impacts, one on the chest, another on the neck and one more on the head.

Following the report of people who witnessed the violent events, the delincuentes huyeron in the direction of Calle Turmalina; However, until now, the authorities have not been able to know information about the paradero, so it is assumed that they have not been arrested for it feminicide de Dulce.

The woman was given up in minutes. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Feminicide captured on video

Cabe mencionar que el feminicide de Sweet I received this thanks to the security cameras in the area. In the images we observe the woman outside a home – seeing an amarilla blouse and black trousers – when she was intercepted by her armored clothes. Next, the attackers they disparated against each other and they left her alive.

Now, the causes of the murder have been discovered, but the authorities have cordoned off the area and started with the investigations to uncover the incident and identify the motive behind the crime.

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