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Five rottweilers born to a 21 year old young man to celebrate the New Year

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The young Augusto José García, 21 years old and originally from Nicaraguathis month failed due to the injuries that caused her on five occasions perrosof the Rottweiler breed, in his home, in a neighborhood of Managua, the Nicaraguan capital, reported by the local press.

The young man was attacked the idea of ​​this Monday is to enter through the patio to the house you rent with one of your husbands, and not through the door, because you forgot your name, and met with them animalis Welcoming and furious people who didn’t know it, according to a report from Nicaraguan television’s “Canal 8”, which is directed by one of President Daniel Ortega’s sons.

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“The victim returned from her mother’s house due to the drug and, before the death of her daughter (she forgot her), she made the decision to attack the wall that protects the house, being attacked por los animalis“, signaled in the middle.

The victim celebrated New Year in her mother’s house

The man forgot the name of his house and tried to enter the patio. PHOTO: Pixabay

El young he lived with one of his brothers and sisters, who presumably did not meet in the house. By his side, the Sandinista emirate “La Primerísima” said that the young man had sent the year to his mother’s house and because of his mother he was at his house, but he forgot her.

“Yet a desperado intent on entering climbed to the side of the property. However, what he encountered on the other side was not the familiar refuge, but the mortal fury of his own animalis that ruined her life”, I agree with the version of this episode.

They go two cases to Nicaragua in a week

This is the second case to occur in Nicaragua in the last 7 days. PHOTO: Pixabay

This is the second case that arises Nicaragua for the last 7 days. Last December 28, 83-year-old Ana Rosa Aguilera Blandón from Nicara was attacked by her own dog, a pitbull breed, also in her home, in the colonial city of Granada, located 45 kilometers south of the country de Managua.

S authors They were not informed about the situation of the pit bull or the rottweilers.

With information from EFE

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