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Five children died during the fire, the father went up to make the shipping purchases

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In full December one tragedy he joined a community in united states, once he had to know this week the balance of a fate fire who ended up inside a living room located in Bullhead City, Arizona, where five children lost their lives as they were devoured by the llamas.

If it concerns four minors whose years have changed between the ages of 2 and 13, those who were also informed by the local outlet were without an inspector of bomberos This country is bordering Mexico. Además, a fifth child, aged 11, was the first to come across this house. They happened when in the house only the younger ones met, so that the father had come to make the purchases of Navidad.

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How did the tragic fire occur in the United States?

The local police are investigating the origin of the tragedy. PHOTO: Pixabay

It was Saturday December 16th when I was living in the Bullhead City area, Arizonahe was converted into the scenario of a tragedy where a fire affects the life of five children, in moments when no adult is encountered in life.

The accident occurred once the father of the minors, who was responsible for looking after them, was absent for a few minutes to carry out the purchases of Navidad. According to their local authorities, as well as family members, four of the five younger men were denied by a bomb inspector, whose events occurred between two and three years.

According to information from “USA Today”, a fifth year old child was the first one who was encountered at these times of visit in the residence. Until now they have no more information about this tragedy, since they investigations to continue with the origin of the fire,

Tragedy affected the entire community

The regrettable thing I heard in every community in Arizona. PHOTO: Pixabay

According to the testimonies of the old people, those who have joined us family to toast them on top, between the fire you need to know what no surviving hub. While the investigators informed that the children’s father was absent during at least two hours and on average, once he went up with the aim of buying food and gifts from Navidad.

On the other hand, the Department of Policia Bullhead City is working intensively to clarify the causes of the fire and ensure justice. However, this person has trained every community in moments in which they meet, preparing for the temporary navideña.

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